Meet Helen

“Small actions done consistently over time lead to massive success”


My Story


As a practising Myotherapist I turned to Pilates out of frustration after years of watching my patients table hop – often going from Myo to Physio to Chiro to Osteo to Massage in a regime of fix-its that in my eyes were just a temporary band-aid that didn’t really solve their issue long term. I spent a lot of time questioning my skills and looking at where I was going wrong and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t what it I was doing – it was more a question of what I wasn’t doing that was the issue.

Certainly hands on treatment helps – it is still a significant part of my week and I regularly refer to other practitioners when something is beyond my scope or I feel a patient will achieve a better outcome. Ultimately though it doesn’t solve the problem and most people don’t want to hear that!

In 2012 I was unlucky enough to snap the ACL in my right knee playing a social game of Z grade netball however for many reasons I decided to postpone surgery for a year. In March 2013 quite unexpectedly I underwent – for want of a more elegant description – a total girl part reinstallation! I’m lucky enough to have four ripping kids and whilst I did pregnancy and birth really well – my ligaments were caput and organs weren’t where they should have been. That needed fixing so in my somewhat weird way of thinking I decided I didn’t really want to have to rehab twice so eight weeks later I had a full knee reconstruction! This was a huge challenge for me as I really had to learn to be committed, disciplined and practice what I preach to all my patients. Rehab is frustratingly slow, awfully boring and I can clearly see why many of us don’t do it well!

I spent the next 12 months working towards being able to run again – I’m not amazing at it but I really enjoy it so not being able to do it was hard. For whatever reason I decided that it was necessary to run my first marathon at the end of my 12 months of rehab and whilst I can happily say I finished – it definitely didn’t go as planned on the day. I had trained hard and was very disappointed with how I ran on the day – the reality was I simply wasn’t strong enough to be doing what I was doing and I knew it. About a month later I started my Pilates teacher training as a genuinely felt this was the only way for me to improve my own body and be able to improve my patient outcomes.

For me Pilates teaches movement and what it really means to be strong in both mind and body. You definitely don’t need to be perfect and you definitely don’t need to be running marathons! Having a strong body from the inside out that allows you to do the things you like to (or have to!) do on a daily basis for as long as you can in life has a huge influence on your physical and mental health. I feel really strongly about this point and it applies to all humans of every age – for me it is a basic right that sits right alongside food, water, restful sleep and shelter!

A side benefit of Pilates has been the mindfulness aspect – you really do have to focus your mind and often at the end of a session what you came in worrying about has left your headspace for the day!

I’m still learning and try to do my own pilates practice every day even if it is only 15 minutes! It seems like a BIG deal to do something every day but to improve and be the strongest version of you – you have to do the work!


Get to Know Me

  • Practicing Pilates since: 2008
  • Teaching Pilates since: 2014
  • Qualifications:
    • Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy
    • Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy
    • Certified Vodder Therapist
  • Australian Pilates Method Association Level 2 Member
  • Australian Government-accredited Pilates Instructor
  • Teaching style: Honest…..possibly the quiet one of the studio
  • Favourite ice cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • First thought in the morning: Put coffee on & write down 3 things I’m grateful for
  • Hobbies: Running, Group training and spendingtime learning about cool stuff like how the brain works