Meet Trina

“Motivated to motivate you”

trinaMy Story

I started Pilates 6 years ago….only because a good friend was teaching it. I got the bug, I went twice then three times a week. Then I realised I could train as an instructor around the corner from my house.

I was living in Holland at the time so being able to find a course in english was impressive enough but around the corner too….perfect! It was a huge learning curve but it introduced me to a healthier way of being, some amazing people and many muscles I never knew I had (physically and literally!).

I’ve spent the last 3 years teaching in Holland and this year, at Move Move. I was lucky to be able to train under some amazing STOTT instructors as a mat instructor and at the end of the year I will start working towards my Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy. I have taken part in many extra courses in Holland with some amazing trainers and feel very lucky to have found a studio in Melbourne with such a great, integrated way of looking at the body.

Pilates has given me the ability to keep a clear(er) head while looking after two little boys, ride my bike everywhere for the past 6 years, race in obstacle races, snowboard well after a 7 year break, run the Amsterdam Half Marathon and created a new relationship with my body that is much healthier than it was a few years ago.