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The Movement Movement is proud to be Melbourne’s official host centre for Merrithew™. We offer courses and workshops for Pilates Instructors, Fitness Professionals and Allied Health Practitioners.


MERRITHEW™ was co-founded by Lindsay and Moira Merrithew in 1988. For over 25 years they have been dedicated to enriching the lives of others by providing responsible exercise modalities and innovative fitness brands across the globe.

MERRITHEW’s premier Pilates brand, STOTT PILATES®, delivers best-in-class Pilates education and media to everyone from avid exercisers, elite athletes, and pre/post-natal clients, to rehab and fitness professionals, and is used by studios worldwide.

Other high-end MERRITHEW fitness brands include ZEN•GA™, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ and Total Barre™.

MERRITHEW has trained over 40,000 students in over 100 countries. MERRITHEW’s Media Division (MMD) produces print and video-based content for professional and consumer markets.

For more information visit merrithew.com.

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STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Lindsay and Moira Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, have spent over two decades refining the acclaimed STOTT PILATES method of exercise.

The refined method resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation—making it one of the safest and most effective methods available.

STOTT PILATES is recognized as The Professional’s ChoiceTM by studios, fitness facilities, fitness professionals and the consumer market worldwide.

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CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training

Developed exclusively by MERRITHEW experts, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training focuses on functional fitness targeting core strength and kinesthetic awareness leading to improvements in total-body strength and power. A multi-layered system, it is designed for both novice and high-level athletes.

Enhance performance by improving precision, control, strength, power, and agility. Jumpstart metabolism, optimize athletic performance, and train smarter with this combination of body control and power movements that transform regular training regimens into high intensity, results-driven workouts. This unique system will help retrain unbalanced muscles, initiate the core, and build strength from within that will transfer on and off the playing field!

Total Barre™

High-energy and dynamic, Total Barre™ integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training to create programming that is fully expandable and adaptable to any client base.

Based on MERRITHEW’s over 25 years of developing safe and responsible exercise, Total Barre is designed to emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement combined with the power of music

to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

Total Barre is the safest and most impactful barre program available— and no dance experience or tutus are required!


ZEN•GA™ is a synergistic blend of mind-body modalities, supported by exercise science and the newest findings in fascial fitness.

ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolizes a pathway to reach it. Together they form ZEN•GA, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow. When applied together, these principles bring awareness of how the body and the mind move in tandem. ZEN•GA focuses on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence.

The increase in demand on the neuromuscular system affords the benefits of improved strength, enhanced elasticity and creates a more youthful, resilient and fluid body.