Helen’s Pilates Challenge 2017

Six months ago after watching a video clip of a triceps dip combined with a Pilates Teaser on the Stability Chair I decided it would be great to take one or two of our clients on a journey to achieve a very advanced, difficult Pilates move!


James was one of our participants and after a lot of hard work and overcoming two injury setbacks along the way, he’s achieved triceps dip with an Almost Pilates Teaser! I say almost  as his hamstring length prevents him from getting full teaser so that remains a work in progress! SO SUPER EXCITING!


The first step was getting James’s shoulder placement and stability to a level where he was able to hold his own body weight whilst performing a triceps dip on the chair safely! We did a lot of Pilates work on triceps strength and placing the shoulders and head in a long, neutral position so he could engage the lower abdominals to lift his legs into teaser! Not for the faint hearted!


Over the journey James has had to overcome a persistent niggly back and a significant (somewhat frustrating) injury which prevented putting body weight through the wrists! We had to find ways to continue building the required movements – WITHOUT using his body weight through the arms which did challenge me a lot! Luckily, Pilates can be modified to work around almost any issue you throw at it!


In the original video taken in December you can see James’s ability to hold himself still is limited, his shoulder control is not what it needed to be and his ability to stabilise then move the lower limbs with control was low. Fast forward to today and you can see James has significantly improved his control, he lengthens his spine then engages his deep core and lower abdominals to lift into the Almost Pilates Teaser not once, not twice but three times after I cheekily said at the last minute – give me one more!


I’m very proud of James and the journey he has taken! He listens, observes and always challenges himself to keep progressing. The next step for James is working on the lower abdominal strength some more and finding a way to lengthen his hamstrings to allow him the full Pilates Teaser position! I can’t wait to see where he is in the next six months!


Well done James! I am so super proud!


James' Thoughts

Why did you take up Helen’s Pilates Challenge?

“To try something new & push myself”


How do you feel now you completed the challenge?

“Strong. Satisfied. Proud. What’s next!?”


Did you ever image you’d be doing moves like this in Pilates?

“Before I came to Move Move I’d mainly done Reformer and Mat Pilates. I never thought I’d be doing things in Pilates that needed me to be this strong.”

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