5 Reasons To Do Total Barre This Winter

  1. Summer! 
    Yes, it feels like a long way off (especially at the cold, damp beginning of a Melbourne winter) but it’ll be here again before you know it. Kick-start your summer body with Barre toned muscles.
  2. Baby, it’s cold outside! 
    A Total Barre class will get your heart pumping enough to warm you up and chase away the winter chill.
  3. Pulses! 
    Not only will you feel the burn during class but your thighs will probably still be quivering on your way home!
  4. Technique! 
    It might be faster paced than our Pilates classes but we still focus on doing it right. You’ll notice improvements to your posture and core.
  5. Fun! 
    The BEST thing about Total Barre is that it’s fun. You’ll leave with a spring in your step and a huge smile on your face!

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