Fab news! Our b’day sale is on. Which means happiness for you is right around the corner.

In addition to two session a week at a lower price, a 12-Week Move+2 Membership means you get:

Deeper discounts

Save twice as much when your discount on merchandise rises to 10%.

peace and calm x 2

You've felt how Pilates is the best way to forget about work, bills, partners, and other drama for 40 minutes. Ahh.

Twice the Gain

Practising Pilates a couple of times a week ups the protection of your health.

A much firmer butt

You should notice a definite change within a few weeks, but in a very, very nice way.

Target better

Let class 1 focus on one area (say lower body), while class 2 focuses on another.


I want apply for a Move+2 Membership.

Maybe later? Let us remind you.

All guaranteed.

Smiling yet? Well, how about this? Enjoy no joining fee, 15-minutes of extra support a week, additional sessions at a 10% discount, free wifi, and worry-free free parking.

Get 1 of only 5 reduced rate 12-Week Move+2 Memberships left today so you activate that powerhouse of yours, doubling happiness, cutting stress.

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