Cherie got kids and Pilates to work

Woman sitting in field

“I believe in MoVE!”

Meet Cherie from Cheltenham Part time worker, Full time mum

Have you ever been involved in fitness or exercise? Raising kids, but mainly walking

What brought you to Move Move? Last year, I’d had enough. It was time to stop wallowing in self-pity and fix my situation because ultimately who else can do it for me.

Why us? On my way home after dropping off the kids at school, I stopped in and saw them inspiring — not pressuring — people. I was amazed.

Why stick with us? Before my main obstacles were my thoughts and attitude. That’s now gone because I’ve met some caring people who’ve become friends during the process.

What quote keeps you moving? I’m going outside to stand. So if anyone asks, tell them: I’m outstanding.

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