A foot bone connecting to a hip bone connected John to Pilates

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“Can’t believe how much my life’s changed.”

Meet John from Cheltenham Full time worker, Part time weekend athlete

Move Move Status: drop-in

Have you ever been involved in fitness or exercise? I don’t feel unfit since I lead a pretty active lifestyle, but never joined a gym.

What brought you to Move Move? A tricky hip, plus my brother was going through some old photos with some old friends and I noticed I’d chunked up a bit. That is when I thought, hang on, I should do something.

Why us? Didn’t want to buy a membership and Move Move’s drop-in rate was great value for money.

Why stick with us? At first, I thought my Coach was crazy. She told me my foot was what causing my hip problem. My foot? But I still gave it a go and learned she knew more about fixing me than I thought. After working on that foot, without any aches or soreness, my hip got better and better.

Favourite quote? Success is right around the corner.

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