Pilates bring Liz's mind in sharp focus

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“This is really different. I was expecting shaky arms and legs, not a fun time.”


Meet Liz from Albert Park Full time exec

Move Move Status: Member

Have you ever been involved in fitness or exercise? Up until after uni. Work always seemed to get in the way.

What brought you to Move Move? After a failed marriage I started not eating right, drinking more wine, and working longer. So basically, I needed a distraction.

Why us? First off, I am so happy I’m older. In the past, I would have enrolled in some fitness class. Then exercised without thinking until I felt like collapsing. However, this time, I did something different after receiving one of their emails and joined.

Why stick with us? By the time I renewed my membership, practicing Pilates at Move Move kind of reminded me of Tai Chi. I had learnt how to just focus on moving—not worry about others around me. In the end, everyone is here for their own reasons and no one is focusing on anyone else.

Favourite quote? When nothing goes right … go left

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