No Judginess Pilates

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(Or Crap You Don’t Have to Put Up With)

It could be due to blood loss to the brain from wearing tight lycra or the mirrors or just plain sweat poisoning. But no matter what you look like, something happens when we slip into crop tops and leggings. Something that makes others feel like it’s hunting season.

So listen up carefully. This is important.

Just because a body’s in motion at Move Move doesn’t make it a moving target.

” ‘All you need to do is put the fork down and walk more.’ The last place I went to kept telling me that. Can you believe it?”


Kristy added that it got so bad, just walking into her old Pilates studio triggered panic attacks. (Thank God, that’ll never happen here.)

Instructors volunteering advice above their pay grade is always a bad idea. And at Move Move, our Coaches stick to what we’re good at—moving.

“Then they looked at me and said, ‘I feel like a whale standing next to you.’ Why not just say, ‘I don’t want to be anywhere near you.’ ”


The first comment sounds humble. But it’s not.

Comparisons are far from fine. Think about what’s really being said to Tina. “YOU make ME feel uncomfortable.”

Being modest at the expense of someone else may sound nice, but it isn’t a real compliment. (Nor is it helpful to the self-esteem of the person saying it.)

So we just don’t do it at Move Move.

And the only envy allowed here … is shoe envy.

“My spin coach actually said, ‘See you tomorrow so you can work on getting rid of that fat a**.’ ”


Whoa! It’s demeaning to measure success by a drops in dress or pants size.

Not everyone wants to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. And “encouraging” young girls and women to be active so they fix “problem areas” shames.

Newsflash! Jamie happens to like her bum. (Thank you very much.) And she’s not alone.

At Move Move, we want to see you tomorrow, so we make you happy again. Why? I dunno. We’re selfish that way.

“I once did yoga. And at the end, in front of everyone, she said, ‘If you can’t stand for even one class, you really should think about visiting a GP.’ Oh my God, I’ve never been so embarrassed.”



The funny thing is: Everyone sits. But some people can stop without one word that there may be something wrong.

Positive attitudes lead to success. And at Move Move, we never think about endurance. Just self-care.

So go ahead, Shannon.


Or get some water. Have a coffee.

You can move later.

“You’re so thin. Don’t you ever eat?”

-told to Michelle

Bringing up eating disorders? Not cool.

Attention! Naturally thin people can’t help how they look. And if they really are struggling with an eating disorder, that comment digs even deeper.

Sounds overprotective, but here’s the thing. Michelle got off a couch to come to Move Move. So let’s leave her psychoanalysis up to the pros.

That is all.

“Someone walked past me muttering to a friend, ‘Ugh, she wore that?’ “


Activewear can be tricky for a girl. So why should Kim worry? Its her right to show skin or slip-on some trackies.

Let’s be clear. “Judginess” is not okay at Move Move. (Also uncool: pointing and laughing, or staring (unless it’s at Lou as she trips over her own feet again!).)

Bottom line: Here, we wear whatever we feel happy in—without worrying about catty commentary.

(Okay, we might be a bit strict about birthday suits and not wearing grippys.)

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