Flux Pilates class oct17


Developed in the early 1900s, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that uses simple yet effective moves that focus on flexibility and strength through short repetitive movements.

Pilates is great for people of all fitness levels, from athletes to first-timers and even those rehabilitating from injuries.

It’s a very flexible experience (pun intended).

  1. It Creates Flexibility.
    Pushing limits can mean shorten muscles. It raises the likelihood of injury and develops those chronic aches and pains. This situation needs to be balanced out by stretching.  And Pilates lets you do just that.
  2. It Builds a Strong Base.
    With so many holding their bodies the wrong way, most have curved spines. That lowers our ability to be our best. Pilates is pretty much the only way to strengthen all of those deep postural muscles that neutralise and support the spine.
  3. It Has a Knock-on Effect.
    Pilates can improve your surfing, your paddling, your running, you name it. Because Pilates fine tunes all those different motions you use, increases your range of motion and balance.
  4. It Helps Technique.
    Pilates helps you learn where your knee should be as you bend it, or how to flex your hips without moving the spine. Repetition of these concepts results in motor learning, which carry over to other activities.
  5. Me Time.
    Pilates is also an invigorating escape from the ho-hum routine of life. During your practice, you give yourself an important dose of “me time” to put aside all of your cares and worries.
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