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Good Stretch does Wonders!

It’s no secret.

Sitting around (at our desk or couch) makes our muscles and hips get really tight. Our lower back weak and stiff. All that makes us feel achy and grumpy.

And do you really believe 30 seconds or so of stretching at the end of a run or boring TV show is enough to undo all the tightness from your day.

However, FLEX leaves you feeling loose + up for the rest of the week, faster and with less effort than if you did it on your own.

And, at the same time, makes that next injury less likely. Sweet!


In an Assisted Stretching Workshop at Move Move, your Coach will draw upon the most effective stretching and fascia release techniques to help you achieve better flexibility and quality of movement fast. (Now we know that all sounds like gobbledygook, but if it were simple you could do it on your own.)

We’ll use stuff like body-rolling balls to coax muscles toward relaxation


There is also no such thing as a one-size fits when it comes to stretching. Different people have different goals and bods.

Still, no matter your abilities or age, let us guide that bod of yours through a relaxing set of deep juicy bends and long tingly stretches to help ease that annoying back or joint.

Meets Sundays at 10:15am. Book in.




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