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Just because you’re enjoying the heck out of TWR and RFR, doesn’t mean you’re not craving to spice things up a bit. You know what we’re talking about — more variety, different moves, more gadgets!

Introduce yourself to FLUX. A purposeful mashup that’s full of surprises and simple, but not easy. FLUX is bite-sized pieces of quickness for a renewed sense of focus and lasting power.

It’s like a game of Musical Chairs of 360 + TWR + RFR for the more practiced and uninjured MoVER.

Everyone starts at a station (That’s a spot where your moving is done.) and when your Guide says something any time after 30 seconds to 5 minutes, move on to where you’re sent next. (Be warned. We’re known to say something silly, or conveniently don’t remember the count.)

A session might switch only between the Pilates Cadillac or Reformer. Others may jump you around from Tower to Pilates chair to the Pilates barrel, or use toys. However, there’s plenty of time for fun and games. One week you’ll find yourself playing catch, another hopscotch.

Now I know what you’re thinking:

  • “I’m easily bored?” Not here.
  • “Pressed for time?” Perfect!
  • “Klutzy?” Nothing to worry about.

Please note: This session isn’t the place for the injured and doesn’t offer rehab. Instead, consider SOLO to better equip you to join FLUX.

But anyone else who wants really fun and fast-paced moving will love FLUX.  The next time this Limited Edition class meets is this Sunday at 10:15 am. Book in.





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