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“I wasn’t born strong or thin … But that wasn’t going to stop me.”


My “secret” origin serves as a perfect example of someone finding her calling. Slogging away as a General Manger, I was strapped to a desk most the day before spending the rest parked on my couch with chocolate. (Hey! Stereotypes exist for a reason.)


Otherwise, I was practising Pilates (which is always so much fun.) I’d done heaps of other stuff before—aerobics, rowing, personal training—and watched people disappear a few months after they started.


Why they stopped varied, yet almost always had to do with being uncomfortable. I knew there had to be better way.


That’s when a lightglobe went off.


In a year, I had my teaching certification with a focus on Rehab. (Yay!) Then a Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy. That led running a few classes on the side in my lounge. Nothing special, mostly friends.


I wasn’t trying to sell them on “weight loss,” or “fat-burning,” or “toning.” My only hope was that they’d move and feel as happy as me. And if it took a couple of goes to get there, that’s okay.


And they did!


It was their constant cheering that inspired me to open a studio. (A very, very small studio.) Then a loyal following of all ages, shapes, and sizes began lifting the spirts of each other.


Move Move is still growing from that seed into this incredible experience. One that delivers an opportunity to change, evolve, and get happier.


Funny, I don’t see myself as any sort of “fitness” guru. I just believe practising Pilates regularly is powerful—It must be if it makes me feel great.


So keep moving. (Hopefully with us. ;))

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