MOVE + Pilates Membership

Gives you priority booking and full access to a full-service Pilates studio. It saves you money. (That’s the happy bit.)

Happier life.

MOVE+ guarantees months of motivation as the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it programs itself.

Being active builds your life–more than freedom, more than money. So shouldn’t it be motivational?

Thinking life’s too meh or blah to practice Pilates, think again.

With MOVE+, you get regular pep talks so you feel great about Pilates and put your routine on autopilot, so there’s little to thing about or decide on.

Maybe later.

Sounds great but remind me in a couple of months.


What’s under the hood. 

The best first step is to get checked out so we can set goals properly and find any niggles you’ve gotten used to. CONSULT only takes 30 minutes.


You can still reserve your first class online in less than 2 minutes. Then pop in and run through it in 40 minutes. Now go on with the rest of your day with a smile. 

Week 2

Not as bad as I thought. 

Pat that back of yours. If you’re getting used to being active again, we’ve started you slowly. If you’re hurt, we’ve put together a program that slowly improves that ouchy.

Week 4

What do you mean, I haven’t had coffee?

All that moving has got your endorphins flowing, boosting concentration. WARNING: This may mean improved relationships, higher productivity, and more self-confidence.

Week 6

This is fun!

Find someone with a common interest at Move Move. Or if you already have Pilates-minded friends, they can join you.

Week 9 

Is that a rainbow?

Blame the all-natural painkillers and mood enhancers. Your practice of Pilates may boost serotonin and endorphins. 

Week 10

I might just have that dessert. 

Without the guilt, some amazing things happen to a bod in motion.

MOVE+ Membership

For them that loves to move 1, 2, or 3 times a week


10% off drop-in

Limited to 1 session a week

5% off any additional sessions that week


30% off drop-in

Limited to 3 sessions a week

15% off any additional session that week

There’s a class for every body. 

Move Move now has a class to fit anyone’s style. Choose FLEX for a more challenging practice. TWR for a next gen Pilates workout. MATT is perfect for classic Pilates. RFR blends strength and balance. And 360 is an amazing space to repair and recharge.

Add more classes and days. 

Split up practicing throughout the day or week and discover more ways to mindfully move. 

Move on your terms >

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