Hi! (You found us.)

coffee and hello


We know.

We fight that little voice in our head too.

The one whispering …

“This place looks like it’s straight out of 50 Shades?!?”
“Not sure what goes where.”
“This couch is really comfy.”
“Next week. Promise.”


But don’t worry.

You’ve stumbled upon literally the second best thing you can do lying down. It’s called Pilates, and Pilates is a fantastic series of slow gentle movements that taps your spirit so you balance your brain and bod. It’ll make you happy.


Discover Move Move.

An anti-gym full of smiles and good times. It’s a fun and easy-going space where you don’t need a ballerina’s bod (or be under 40) to fit in.


We’re just a bunch of real people.

With flaws of our own. (Even the ones who guide our practice.) So we all relate with many for whom the biggest challenge is to actually walk through our doors for the first time.


And so proud you’ve made it this far.


“Since 2009, I’ve been getting Melbourne and Australia moving, one body at a time.

And what stands out is that we all benefit from a bit of guidance and encouragement every now and then.

So if you’re up for some fun-filled Pilates–get in touch with me today and let’s start moving!”

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