Reformer Pilates Class

Fitness’s come a long way from the aerobics that started back in the 80s, baby. And thank God.

MoveMove is a nice place to meet new people and have a bunch of moovy fun.

  • You don’t have to be fit to join.
  • Can be any age.
  • You get sessions tailor-made to your bodily needs.
  • We have no busy crowds.
  • No long waits for equipment.
  • No judginess.

And its light-filled space in Cheltenham helps you forget your working woes.

Real People

Suits and Mums and Pensioners. Oh my.

Perfect Fit

Sessions tailored to you.

No Competing

No one has to keep up with anybody.

Realistic Results

100s of people have achieved their dreams.

Fun Feelings

Turn stress into smiles.

Come say hello.

We’d love to show you the ropes (and some springs and a hedgehog or two).

We’re close by.

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