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At Move Move we see Movement (or exercise, although we avoid that word as much as possible) as an enabler. Moving Well allows you to live your life on your terms.

We believe that you deserve a body fit for purpose. So whether your goals are simple (get through the day with no pain) or complex (climb Mount Everest) we can help you create the body you need.

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Our Philosophy

Move Well

You only have one body, learn how to use it well. Learn how to move, how to sit, how to stand.

Whatever movement activity you’re doing, strive to do it well.

Move Often

We live such fast-paced, time-poor lives; yet move less and less. We’re often stressed and tired which leads to even less movement

With so much conflicting advice out there about how to move we often lose sight of the underlying message. Here at Move Move our philosophy keeps it simple…

Just Move

Move with Passion

Stop thinking about exercising and start thinking about moving.

Find what moves you to move – dance like no-one’s watching, run, play with the kids, get out in the garden.

Move with passion.

Pilates Open Day

Sat 6-May 12pm to 3pm

Trial Classes, Demos, Posture Assessments and more

  • I love the variety of Tower Pilates, Lou keeps me guessing every class! The standing exercises are great, they really challenge my balance and co-ordination.

    Chloe - Moorabbin
  • The sound of the reformer is so relaxing. Even though I'm working hard during class I leave feeling refreshed and energised.

    Simon - South Melbourne
  • Before I started Pilates I suffered from a sore back resulting in poor sleep. Pilates has built my strength, flexibility and made an enormous difference to my back and my sleep.

    Danielle - South Melbourne