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Feel Great Again!

At Move Move we see Movement (or exercise, although we avoid that word as much as possible) as an enabler. Moving Well allows you to live your life on your terms.

We believe that you deserve a body fit for purpose. So whether your goals are simple (get through the day with no pain) or complex (climb Mount Everest) we can help you create the body you need.

Move Well

You only have one body, learn how to use it well. Learn how to move, how to sit, how to stand.

Whatever movement activity you’re doing, strive to do it well.

Move Often

We live such fast-paced, time-poor lives; yet move less and less. We’re often stressed and tired which leads to even less movement

With so much conflicting advice out there about how to move we often lose sight of the underlying message. Here at Move Move our philosophy keeps it simple…

Just Move

Move with Passion

Stop thinking about exercising and start thinking about moving.

Find what moves you to move – dance like no-one’s watching, run, play with the kids, get out in the garden.

Move with passion.

Feel Great in Eight!

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Focus on Your Goals.

Get Moving!

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  • Loved it! Lou is amazing. She explains everything perfectly so you know you are making the most of your time with her.

    Lisa - Moorabbin
  • I'm a natural sloucher and my posture was terrible. I couldn't even sit up straight. Bar stools were not my friend! Since taking sessions with Lou my posture has improved no end and my core is a lot stronger too. People have even been asking me if I've grown....which is not likely at my age!

    Jules - Mordialloc
  • When I'm tired or creaky with fatigue and age, Lou picks me up and brings me back. I always leave my classes feeling a few inches taller and a lot more agile, fresher, -- and somehow happier with life.

    Julie - Albert Park

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