Welcome to Move Move Pilates!

Relax. You won’t find a Pilates history lesson here… (that’s here!)

The Move Move Difference

Real Pilates Run by Real People

At Move Move you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable and patient Instructor who probably looks like you: a real person with some life experience.

Express Pilates That’s Precise, Not Rushed

Over 40 minutes of Pilates with us, you’ll perform a series of specific moves only a few times with exacting attention paid to your form. The emphasis in our Pilates is in quality, not quantity.

You’ll Learn Something

Expect to focus on your posture. So you’ll be coached to position your ribs, tuck in your tailbone, scoop your tummy, and perhaps asked to do a few simple leg circles that’ll immediately help open up any hips that are very, very tight.

You’ll Be Proud of Yourself

It’ll be challenging but doable. Both in terms of waking up muscles and forcing yourself to concentrate on every inch of you.

You Won’t Worry

In fact, you’ll feel extremely safe. The machines kind of nudge or keep you in certain positions, and having an Instructor looking after your every single movement no doubt helps too.

What You Learn Walks Out With You

And when you leave, you’ll walk differently. Head higher, shoulders relaxed, and much more aware of how engaged and strong you can be in your core. As you return again and again, you’ll start imagining how the moves you’ve learnt at Move Move can be applied when you jog, bike or do yoga.

But the best part is when — without thinking — you adjust in your chair.

Do I Fit in?

Not all Pilates is the same.

Let’s see, if what’s on your ‘Would be nice’ list to…

Then yay! You’ll fit right in.

But ...

If your list is more like…

Sorry. We might not be a great fit.

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