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Are you stuck in the pain zone?

Ever feel like your body’s playing a not-so-fun game of “let’s see what hurts today”? Whether it’s a niggly knee or a tight neck, it’s super frustrating. Or, you’ve tried everything for your back pain but it always comes back. Some days just getting out of bed or up from your chair feels like a struggle.

Missing out on the good stuff

Pain’s not just a physical thing; it can mess with your whole vibe. Missing out on running around with the grandkids, saying ‘no’ to a walk with your bestie, or not enjoying a rare night out because you can’t get comfortable – it all adds up. Life’s too short for FOMO, and we get it – you want the pain to go away so you can get back to doing your thing.

Let's kick pain to the curb – together!

Welcome to Move Move Pilates, where we’re all about making moves without the drama. We know the deal – everyone’s got their unique struggles (and a unique brain!). That’s why we create personalised brain-based programs that’re all about getting you back into the swing of things. It’s not just about feeling better for a while; it’s about owning your moves, tackling pain head-on, and bringing the joy back into life. Let’s say goodbye to the ‘ouch’ and hello a happier, healthier you!

Reduce your pain

Our brain-based approach gives you the tools you need to move through life pain free. From quick fixes to long-term strategies we'll help you every step of the way.

Improve your balance

Balance isn't just about standing on one leg. Or standing on wobbly things. Let's improve your balance for useful things. Like walking. And standing.

Achieve your goals

When you're not focused on the 'ouch' you can focus on other goals like strength, flexibility or getting down to the floor (and back up again)!

How people like you are getting results

Josie - Cheltenham
Josie - Cheltenham
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“The science behind changing one's perception and approach to movement is mind blowing. Lou tailors it to your health issues or needs on the day. Lou is amazing!!!”
Janis - Cheltenham
Janis - Cheltenham
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"Loving my Pilates sessions at Move Move. The studio has a fun, supportive and friendly atmosphere. I love how they bring a mind/body paradigm into the classes; it helps me focus more! "
Michelle - Frankston
Michelle - Frankston
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“Move Move has helped me so much with my physical and mental health. The instructors are awesome and so supportive. Small groups of lovely, like minded members. Highly recommended.”

What makes us different?

Pilates Classes:

Private Sessions:


If you’ve never done Pilates before, you’re in the right place. We’re experts in working with beginners and all our classes are tailored to you. Get started today, book a Consult at our Pilates studio in Cheltenham or online.

We run over 40 classes a week and are open every day. For class times check out our timetable.

Our classes start from as little as $35 per class. For more details check out our prices.

Short answer yes! Longer answer, yes but we do Reformer Pilates a little differently to other. Small class size, class tailored to you and you’ll need to have an assessment before you join a class.

Our sessions can’t be claimed on your health insurance. 

We’re not physios but we are all fully qualified Pilates specialists with years of experience and advanced training. Lou, our Lead Instructor & Owner, is the only Level 3 Neuro Studio Practitioner in Australia.

Ready to get started?

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