360 - Studio Pilates

Achieve Your Goals with our 360 Classes (a.k.a. Studio Pilates).

The perfect way to mix up your Move!

360 is the workhorse session.

At Move Move, we’re not just a Pilates Studio, we’re a community dedicated to health and wellness right here in Cheltenham.

And our Studio Pilates sessions, also known as Clinical Pilates, are a great place to start. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, have back pain or just wanting to ramp up your fitness game, we’ve got you covered.

Plenty of movement.

Enjoy pushing and pulling, sitting and standing, twisting and bending. Just don’t expect any standing still unless you’re balancing on something. (Ideally, a very wobbly something!)

We call these classes 360 because you’ll get a full body workout. Moving every part of your body in every direction. Even some you never knew you could!

women at a 360 studio pilates class

Lots of room to play.

Topped at 3, 360 is also a great intro to some very odd toys and our amazing instructors. Step into our Studio Pilates playground and prepare to be amazed.

From the Pilates Barrel to the Pilates Reformer to the Pilates Chair (yes, it’s a thing), we’ve got all the funky equipment to keep your workout interesting. Then there’s that thigh-squeezing Magic Circle (hmm, thigh-squeezing magic-circle). And maybe a jiggle or two on the Hypervibe…

Or not.

Personalised Sessions Just for You

We get it – everyone’s body is different. That’s why our Studio Pilates sessions are tailored to you. No cookie-cutter programs here!

Whether you’re dealing with back pain, an injury or just want to level up your fitness, our awesome instructors will tailor each session to suit your needs. Get ready to achieve your goals and leave feeling like a million dollars!

Our guarantee.

You’ll never Move the same twice. Your session will be tailored to your goals. You’ll walk out feeling better than when you came in.

Move smarter and safer while targeting your annoying areas at a gentle pace.

360 is where you gain the basic skills that make Pilates work for you. And then amaze yourself with what you achieve.

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