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Pilates boosts any exercise you’re doing, it changes your bod, rehabs injuries you may have and we’d even go as far as saying it fills you with happiness.

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My 360 Pilates class is fantastic - tailored to my body & how I'm feeling that day. Lou takes the time to get to know all of her clients & how their body moves. Between classes she researches different approaches for each person. Highly recommend.

The science behind changing one's perception and approach to movement is mind blowing. Lou tailors it to your health issues or needs on the day. Lou is amazing!!!

I love everything about Move Move. I think our instructors are fantastic, the clients are awesome, it’s got a really good feel about the studio.

Move Move has helped me so much with my physical and mental health. The instructors are awesome and so supportive. Small groups of lovely, like minded members. Highly recommended!

Loving my Pilates sessions at Move Move. The studio has a fun, supportive & friendly atmosphere. The instructors never cease to amaze me with their knowledge of the human anatomy and its workings. I love how they bring a mind/body paradigm into the classes, helps me focus more!

Everything is tailored to my needs and I find it has strengthened me in every way

I'm stronger, I feel more energetic and I’m more eager to try new things. Best of all, I have far less pain and I sleep a whole lot better.

I have been with Lou and the team at Move Move for over 4 years now and am always amazed how knowledgeable and adept at focusing on what my body needs. I feel very comfortable and really enjoy coming to the studio. Thank you!

I’ve got a few injuries, so I feel like it really gets in there and helps me with my sore bits!