Why do Pilates at Move Move?

We love being inspired!

Discover stories based on real people we’ve worked with who’ve used Pilates to better their lives mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Pilates boosts any exercise you’re doing, it changes your bod, rehabs injuries you may have and we’d even go as far as saying it fills you with happiness.

Click below and hear what “real people” say about us.


Everything is tailored to my needs and I find it has strengthened me in every way

I love everything about Move Move. I think our instructors are fantastic, the clients are awesome, it’s got a really good feel about the studio


I’ve got a few injuries, so I feel like it really gets in there and helps me with my sore bits!

I'm stronger, I feel more energetic and I’m more eager to try new things. Best of all, I have far less pain and I sleep a whole lot better.