RFR - Reformer Pilates

Don’t stop ’til you get enough.

Real Reformer Pilates.

You may already know the Reformer from “bootcamp” or “dynamic” Pilates, and understand that just because you’re using one doesn’t mean you’re doing Pilates.

Despite the fake news hype, Pilates isn’t a ‘No pain, no gain” exercise program. Yet a fitness-Pilates fusion fad has flooded Melbourne with trainers teaching large “small group” classes with little-to-no proper education on the practice. Hence, aerobics on a Reformer.

Our guarantee.

RFR is completely different to what you are used to. First, your Instructor eases you in gently (a.k.a. The Warm-up). Then using moves based on science or anatomy goes freestyle. Lying, kneeling, sitting, or standing; RFR is a fight for balance between mind and body. And as you come to more and more sessions, you’ll find yourself not only gaining confidence, but progressing at the right speed to the more complicated.

Not mindless movement.

And it may feel like you’re just tugging ropes or sliding back and forth (sometimes you might bounce on a trampoline!) but it’s packed with movement in all directions. You’ll grow to think of our Reformers as “smart beds” that pinpoint your weak spots safely, as it balances your strengths.

It sounds insane, but trust us, you’ll love the challenging-but-relaxing flow our Reformers bring.

Please note: This session isn’t the place for major injuries and doesn’t offer rehab. Instead, consider SOLO or 360 to better equip you to join RFR.

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