Starting Pilates at Move Move is easy

Step 1 - Book your Consult

Have you done Pilates before? Or are you a complete beginner? Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury. Or have an ongoing issue. Whatever level you’re at you’ll start Pilates at Move Move with a Consult session.

Step 2 - Start Pilates

During your Consult we’ll recommend the best option for you to get results and achieve your goals.

For beginner Pilates or if you’ve got an injury, you’ll start in our tailored-to-you 360 Studio Pilates classes or, for more complex issues, one-on-one Private Pilates sessions for a completely personalised experience.

If you’ve done Pilates before then our small group classes will give you a great all-over workout. We run Reformer Pilates and Tower Pilates classes with a max of 4 per class. Our experienced team ensures you get the most out of every class.

Step 3 - Feel the benefits

“When I arrived at Pilates today, I was feeling stiff with my Arthritis. By the time I left, I could reach a great deal closer to my toes!” – Anne

Wherever you’re starting from you’ll feel and see the difference in just a few sessions.

Group Starter Program
$ 369
  • FREE Initial Consult
  • 8 Pilates Classes
Private Starter Program
$ 469
  • FREE Initial Consult
  • 5 Private Pilates Sessions

Ready to get started? If you’re ready to start Pilates with us, book a Consult online below, or give us a call to pick a time that suits you.

Have some questions? Check out our FAQs or book a free 15 minute chat to get them answered and see if our sessions are right for you.


We love helping people who’ve never done Pilates before. In fact, we’re experts at running beginner Pilates classes and have worked with hundreds of people who’ve not tried Pilates before. During your Consult we’ll recommend the right classes for you to start with.

We can help you with many injuries and conditions. We specialise in working with women over 50 and people in chronic pain. 

Our owner, Lou, is a specialist in working with people with neurological conditions like MS, TBI and CS.

To find out if we can help with a specific issue, book a free 15 minute phone call so we can have a chat.

We run more than 40 classes a week and are open every day. For class times check out our timetable.

Our Private Pilates sessions are available by appointment so we can find a time that works for you.

We have a variety of memberships and packages. Our classes start from as little as $35 per class. For more details check out our prices.

Yes, our Reformer Pilates classes have a maximum of 4 people per class. So you’ll get all the joy of Reformer with personalised attention and a class tailored to you.

Currently, our Pilates sessions can’t be claimed on your health insurance. 

We’re not physiotherapists but we are all fully qualified Pilates specialists with years of experience and advanced training. All of our team has a Diploma level Pilates qualification. Lou, our Lead Instructor & Owner, is the only Level 3 Neuro Studio Practitioner in Australia.

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