Mel's Enjoying Family Pilates

“Makes you feel really good!”

Meet Emily a primary school teacher, 30 from Keysborough, Mel a hairdresser, 55 from Clarinda & Mia a high-school student, 16 from Clarinda.

How long have you been coming to Move Move?

Emily: About 6 months

Mel: Nearly 2 years

Mia: A year

mother and daughters doing pilates

What’s your favourite class at Move Move?

Emily: Well my favourite class kind of changes each week depending on how my body is feeling. So, if I want more of a workout I go for reformer and I want something to help with the sore spots I go with the 360.

Mel: My favourite class is probably 360 at the moment as I’ve got a few injuries, so I feel like it really gets in there and helps me with my sore bits!

Mia: My favourite class is also 360 because it changes all the time, there’s lots of different things to do.

What do you love most about Move Move?

Emily: The thing I love most about Move Move is probably getting to spend some extra time with family and just getting to move and feeling really good afterwards like I’ve achieved something.

Mel: My favourite thing about coming to Move Move is also a social thing so enjoying the family and seeing the same faces in each class.

Mia: My favourite thing about coming to Move Move is the atmosphere..and how people are.


What would you say to someone thinking about trying Move Move?

Emily: Just give it a try it’s great exercise and it makes you feel really good.

Mel: Give it a go. You never know until you try it and you’ll have a great day.

Mia: Like Mum said, you never know until you try it and it’ll be really fun

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