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Small Group Classes  Private Sessions


New to Pilates, haven’t exercised for a while, have an injury, or looking to refine your practice at a kinder pace?

Start here


A step up in work and trickiness with an emphasis on effort and results. Definitely not for first-timers. Expect a mixed bag workout with moves that build.

Get stepping


Move moves. Extra effort. Higher hurdles. Absolutely not for the inexperienced. Designed to push even the most committed Move Move diehards to new levels.

Good luck!

Studio Pilates

Max 3 per class – Tailored to You – Injury Rehab

Learn how to activate and switch on the right muscles at the right time to build and stabilise your core. Your trainer will choose moves specifically for you, ensuring you have great technique for great outcomes.

Every class, you’ll use a wide range of Pilates equipment to stretch, balance, and work on the niggly aches and pains that come from a body out-of-alignment, using primarily the STOTT PILATES® Method, which is excellent for rehab and improving posture.

Limited to no more than three per class, you set the pace for your workout, giving you the opportunity to move and learn at your own speed.

Reformer Pilates

The best all-over workout

If you’re new to Pilates you might mistake the Reformer Beds as some kind of medieval torture rack… But looks can be deceiving. After a class on the reformer you’ll feel lengthened, strengthened and energised.

With only four people per class, our trainers will ensure that you are in the best possible position for each exercise and take the time to adjust you if needed. All of our reformer classes are suitable for any level as options are given for each exercise based on your level.

Tower Pilates

Mat Pilates Redefined

Unique to The Movement Movement, our Tower Pilates is challenging, fun, and delivers a body-toning workout in just 40-minutes, so you can get on with the rest of your day!

Our innovative Towers can only be found in Moorabbin and let us deliver a mix of both mat and equipment work, as well as barre, and functional fitness. Each Tower is equipped with a range of springs, bars and props which means you’ll never be bored in a Tower Class. With a maximum of four per class, you can’t hide at the back!

Mobility & Release

Become putty in our hands!

Use rollers, balls (hard and soft) & stretches to ease out the tension in your muscles and fascia. Then float out of the studio and on with your day!


Not for the feint-hearted

Bridging the gap between traditional Pilates & high intensity fitness classes, our Core classes will get your heart pumping, bring some sweat to your brow and a rosy glow to your cheeks. We mix together Pilates and functional fitness to give you an intense all over circuit-style workout. The main focus of these classes is fun! One week you’ll find yourself playing catch, another week hopscotch.

Mat Pilates

Get Back to Basics

Focus on the basics in our small group Mat Pilates classes. Your instructor will help you fine-tune your movements.

Private Sessions


Let’s Get to Know Each Other

If you’re new to Pilates or aren’t sure which of our classes would best suit you an Assessment is a great place to start. Your trainer will get to know you, your history and goals. After a full head-to-toe posture and movement assessment they’ll recommend the best classes for you.

Private Pilates

All About You

Private Pilates is perfect if you have an injury, complex history or athletic goal. Working one-on-one with your trainer you’ll learn how your body moves and responds. We work closely with your medical, allied health or coaching professional to ensure you get results.