Whichever class you pick you’ll get the attention you need.

Why come?

Move Move is one of the hottest places to not break a sweat in Kingston. If you’re new to Move Move or to Pilates (or you’ve been idle for some time or have a long-time niggle), our mixed ability Reformer, Studio, and Tower Pilates classes are a great place for you to start. They’re still workouts, but our approach to Pilates also helps restore the natural curves of the spine and re-balance muscles around joints.

Is it right for me?

Looking into our gorgeous studio full of weird springy beds and cuffed tables may raise an eyebrow or two. But if you’re looking to improve your general fitness and wellbeing, booking a Pilates class could help you do just that. The discipline is suitable for people of all ages, and you can start at any fitness level.

What will it be like?

Discover what makes Pilates at Move Move so satisfying and effective. We’re unique in that our size-limited Reformer, Studio, and Tower Pilates classes led by Certified Instructors are tailored to your body’s needs, providing a very personal and effective experience.

Our relaxed style means you‘ve nothing to worry about while an Instructor gets you confident with tiny moves on wacky equipment. You’ll be shown how to isolate muscle groups and activate them correctly. This might mean squatting at a ballet bar or bouncing on a horizontal trampoline. Sounds insane, but trust us, you leave with more than fun and energy. With continued practice, you’ll get stronger and be less stiff.

Since there’s never more than four people in a class, you won’t feel squished in our spacious studio and no wrong move goes unnoticed.

Wear clothes you can move easily in. No shoes please, but Pilates socks are mandatory. (If you don’t have any, don’t worry. They’re available to buy at Move Move). We provide water and towels. And once practising is done, look forward to fresh fruit and a lovely cuppa—all complimentary, of course.

Results and benefits

The health benefits of Pilates are many. Pilates helps boost your metabolism, improve coordination, recuperate form injury, and tweak your posture for starters.

The best part is the faster you gain confidence on the equipment and with the moves, the earlier you’ll start seeing results, so that when you move up to intermediate and advanced, you’ll find the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Available as 40-minute classes. Good for those with busy schedules and lives.

Which Class is right for me?

You’ll start at Move Move with an Assessment Session. At the end of this private session you’ll be given your personalised Pilates Plan so you can choose the best classes for you.

Reformer Pilates

Best for: Toning/Fitness

Class Type: Group

Max in class: 4

Equipment: Reformers

Class Style: Fun

Tower Pilates

Best for: Mobility

Class Type: Group

Max in class: 4

Equipment: Towers

Class Style: Functional

Studio Pilates

Best for: Rehab

Class Type: Personalised

Max in class: 3

Equipment: Everything!

Class Style: Focus