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Getting Started is Easy

Have you done Pilates before? Or are you a complete beginner? Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury. Or have an ongoing issue. Whatever level you’re at you’ll start with a Consult session.

Pilates Starter Program

The Best Way to Get Started at Move Move!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you just want to restart your Pilates journey, our 28-Day Starter Program helps you build strength and increase your energy so you can tackle more each day. 

This program is $240 and includes:

  • Free Initial Consultation where we learn about your current situation and your goals
  • A carefully tailored program specifically for you. This will be based on your goals and designed to give you the best experience possible
  • 2 Pilates Sessions per week (max 4 people per class)

Ready to get started? If you’re ready to start Pilates with us, choose and book a session online below. Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Get ready for your session by filling out our New Client Info Form.

Got questions? Contact us on 03 9024 2644 or email us.

Pilates Assessment

5 Great Reasons to Start Pilates Today!

  1. Increased Energy.
    The more you move, the more oomph you’ll have. Pilates gets your blood and breath flowing and sparks all your muscles. And after practice, you’ll feel an endorphin rush!
  2. Brain-Bod Awareness.
    During Pilates, you move with complete attention and intention. You centre your mind and focus on your breath, spine, and core. 
  3. Prevent Injury.
    A strong, balanced body is more bulletproof. And Pilates naturally brings balance. It strengthens weak links and increases flexibility. Plus, the increased awareness helps you from bumping into stuff.
  4. Relieve Stress.
    We store anxiety and stress in our bodies, which turns into slouching, clenched jaws, tight hips, muscle spasms, and high blood pressure. Pilates relaxes you and gives you control over your emotional baggage.
  5. Me Time.
    Pilates is also an invigorating escape from the ho-hum routine of life. During your practice, you give yourself an important dose of “me time” to put aside all of your cares and worries.