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  • good posture guide

    Ultimate Guide to Good Posture

        This fantastic infographic explains what could be wrong with your posture and what you can do about it courtesy of Greatist.   Find More at the Greatist Fitness Blog

  • Love Pilates at The Movement Movement

    Moving with Passion

    Have you ever taken the time to really think about how you think of movement in general and exercise in particular? For many people it’s a chore, something that must be done like…
  • Reformer Class at The Movement Movement in Moorabbin

    Lou’s Moves – September 2015

    To celebrate the arrival of our new Stott Pilates SPX Reformers and the launch of our Group Reformer Classes I'm focused on all things reformer this month. Here's 5 of my favourites:…
  • Total Barre

    5 Reasons To Do Total Barre This Winter

    Summer!  Yes, it feels like a long way off (especially at the cold, damp beginning of a Melbourne winter) but it'll be here again before you know it. Kick-start your summer body…
  • Lou doing some Tower Pilates Arm Work

    Lou’s Moves – April 2015

    Since the Tower Trainers arrived recently (I'm still squealing with excitement!) they are featuring heavily in my workouts this month. Here's my 5 go to Tower moves: High Row with Side Kick…
  • Client doing a Side Bend on the Ladder Barrel

    Lou’s Moves – March 2015

    I'm known to obsess over things, my Pilates workouts are no exception. Each month I pick a few moves to really focus on. Here's my March list: Sidebends on the Ladder Barrel…
  • Group Tower Pilates Class

    What is Mindful Movement?

    I just finished reading a great article The Massive Fitness Trend That’s Not Actually Healthy at All. And it’s worth your time to read as well. It’s well-written and filled with good…

  • Lulled

    Lulled Everyone has a comfort zone. Worth considering: How hard (and how often) are you willing to work to get out of it? You can turn that into a habit if you…
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