2 Hands, 1 Person

Multitasking: Your boss loves it. Women are apparently great at it. And overall, it’s seen as a plus.

But if your plate is so full that you feel like your running on fumes and your brain’s about to explode, then maybe it’s time to start taking smaller bites.

Researchers Kelvin Lui and Alan Wong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong came to the conclusion that “when you switch away from a primary task to do something else, you’re increasing the time it takes to finish that task by an average of 25%.” Also, the bars of your internal battery are disappearing faster.

So rather than being a good multitasker, break your time into chunks. Then spend 20-40 minutes on just one thing on your “to do” list. You’ll probably find your day more interesting. Remember, you might have 2 hands but you’re only 1 person.

Ready to stop juggling and start actually ticking things off your to-do list? This article from Rescue Time has some great tips.

Pilates is the ultimate in anti-multitasking exercise as you really need to focus. The only juggling you’ll be doing in class is remembering to breath and engage your core while moving this arm that way and that leg this way!

Woman Jugging Tasks

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