Lou’s Moves – March 2015

I’m known to obsess over things, my Pilates workouts are no exception. Each month I pick a few moves to really focus on. Here’s my March list:

  1. Sidebends on the Ladder Barrel – because you’ve never really found your obliques until you’ve tried this with arms overhead!
  2. Footwork on the Reformer – this month I’m taking a tip from my Total Barre course and going with the pulses, ‘down an inch, up an inch… love that burn!’
  3. Diamond Press – the ultimate anti-computer posture exercise which I love to hate when my back’s stiff but it’s just plain good for me.
  4. Standing Side Kick – since I just did the Total Barre course it’s featuring heavily in my workouts at the moment.  Working my butt off (literally!) with this standing version of the Pilates classic. Don’t forget the pulses!
  5. The Hundred – I’ve rediscovered my love for the quintessential Pilates ab exercise. Doing it everywhere I can – mat, reformer, ball, even the foam roller!

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