Lou’s Moves – April 2015

Since the Tower Trainers arrived recently (I’m still squealing with excitement!) they are featuring heavily in my workouts this month. Here’s my 5 go to Tower moves:

  1. High Row with Side Kick – because it’s just super hard! I will master this before month end…
  2. Seated Flexion/Extension – using the barre on the Tower Trainer as a seat opens up so many possibilities and this simple upper back mobility series feels amazing.
  3. Tippy Bird with Press – adding springs to this one-legged balance makes it harder and easier at the same time – go figure!
  4. Side Lunges with Arms – this gets my heart pumping.
  5. Side Plank – With one leg in the fuzzy hanging strap the instability takes the already challenging side plank to another level entirely.

With these to work on and our launch of Total Barre classes I’m going to be a lean mean Pilates machine by the end of the month!

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