Lou’s Moves – September 2015

To celebrate the arrival of our new Stott Pilates SPX Reformers and the launch of our Group Reformer Classes I’m focused on all things reformer this month.

Here’s 5 of my favourites:

  1. Footwork – a staple of any reformer workout, what’s not to love about this deceptively simple series! Work those feet positions to challenge all the muscle groups in your lower body.
  2. Short Spine – so… my body doesn’t always love this to start with but with the right warm-up it feels amazing.
  3. Scooter – great for getting your butt working, especially with added heel lifts at the end for that extra burn.
  4. Chest Expansion – the perfect blend of core, balance, opening up the pecs and releasing neck tension.
  5. Elephant – love to mix this up with the straight-back and round-back versions, I can just feel my hammys getting longer each rep.


Picking just five of my favourites was tough – the reformer is awesome and we’ll be enjoying them in the studio this week.

Move Move Pilates Studio

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