The Trap of Experience!

The month of May might summon up irresistible Star Wars puns and mean winter’s coming. But it’s still warm enough for even old John Snow to slip on comfy shoes and pound some ground. And with Pilates Day (and Move Move’s b’day) just around the bend, your fav studio makes a brill pitstop. (I might be biased though.)

Still, I’ve listened to people who’ve practice Pilates for a couple of years say, they find beginner moves too easy. (The Force is strong in this one.) Yet see intermediate moves as a bit hard or confusing (like ‘The Force Awakens’). Have they got stuck in the trap of experience?

Now it’s normal to seek out challenge. And you should always feel pushed while practising Pilates. However, that doesn’t need to mean harder or more complex moves. The real challenge of Pilates comes from diving deeper into the artistry, gaining more control, and moving with better quality. I can’t repeat this enough: “Level does not measure your grasp of the method.”

Then what does?

Why it’s how you practice, and then put Pilates into every day. There’s a true joy that comes with noticing that chin lift, that adjustment in your chair, that rib-cage-expanding breath.

That’s the true power of Pilates.

It’s a lifelong practice whose reward is a better understanding our bodies and more awareness of our alignment, posture, and how we move.

Hear me roar! Beginner moves make me just as happy—and challenged—as advanced ones. Still, have a chat with your instructor. Here at Move Move, we work with you so when a high-level move comes up, you do another one that’s from the same family–only simpler. Thus allowing you to keep pace, and focus on flow.

By the way, which beginner Pilates move is your star? Mine’s Roll-Ups. Name yours in the comments below.

Speaking of stars, May the fourth be with you, and never stop not moving.

The Trap of Experience

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