Lou’s Moves – October 2015

This month I turned another year older, which makes me even more aware than usual of all those little niggles I feel in my body. So my focus this month is on exercises that just make me feel good.

  1. Chest Openers/Spinal Rotations – there are many names for this exercise but all should start with awesome. Perfect for those days when you’ve been sitting in front of the computer writing blog posts!
  2. Seated Push-Thru – either on the caddy or Tower Trainer, spinal mobility through flexion, back to neutral and then supported extension to finish. Plus bonus hammy stretch.
  3. Mermaid on Reformer – this moves my spine in every direction and opens up my hips while I’m at it.
  4. Obliques with Flexion/Extension – you need a spine corrector for this one but it’s so worth it. Our student teacher, Helen refers to it as the ‘Lou Special’ and everyone knows exactly what she’s talking about ‘cos I give this to pretty much everyone.
  5. Foam Roller Release – there are places that I hate the foam roller whilst I’m rolling on it but I know it’s good for me and once I’m done I always feel so much better.

As we get older our bodies don’t recover like they used to when we were 20. Finding movements that make you feel good and release tension is just as important as the ones that give you that burn. And some days a feel-good workout can be just what the doctor ordered!

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