Move of the Month – August 2016

Each month at Move Move we set ourselves a Move of the Month Challenge. Throughout the month we focus on mastering that move. Sometimes our Move of the Month is just one move, other times it maybe a series of moves. But our aim is to progress in some way.

Since Spring is on it’s way and we’re all beginning to thing about toning up for summer, we’ve brought back a new and improved version the Ultimate Butt Challenge. If you missed our original Ultimate Butt Challenge, take a look at it in our April Move of the Month.

Welcome to the Ultimate Butt Challenge 2.0!

Your goal is to complete the series 3 times a week throughout August.

– Leg Lifts x 10
– Dog Legs x 10
– Leg Sweeps x 10
– Kick Ups x 10
– Heel Squeezes x 10
– Knee Lifts x 10

Repeat both sides!

Watch the video below to see how to do the moves.

If you’re new to these moves, start with less reps and build up to 10.


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