4 Moves to Put a Spring in Your Step – Move of the Month – Sep-16

Each month at Move Move we set ourselves a Move of the Month Challenge. Throughout the month we focus on mastering that move. Sometimes our Move of the Month is just one move, other times it maybe a series of moves. But our aim is to progress in some way.


Spring is here (finally!) and Move Move is on the move. Later this month we’ll be moving to our new studio. Since this month is even more about moving than usual, our move of the month is focused on getting you moving and ready to spring into action.

Do these 4 moves pretty much anywhere to get your body moving and feeling great! We recommend 6 reps of each exercise (don’t forget to do both sides of the chest openers).

As an added bonus, we filmed this in the new studio, so you get a sneak peek!


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