Sometimes the Classics are Best – Move of the Month – Oct-16

Each month at Move Move we set ourselves a Move of the Month Challenge. Throughout the month we focus on mastering that move. Sometimes our Move of the Month is just one move, other times it maybe a series of moves. But our aim is to progress in some way.


We’ve rechristened this month Octeaser as our Move of the Month is the Pilates classic – The Teaser.


Mention the Teaser to even the most devoted Pilatesite and they’ll probably break out into a sweat, look nervous and try to distract you with talk about what their dog had for breakfast. Bottom line, it’s tough.


And it should be tough, as it’s one of Joseph Pilates’ classical mat exercises. It’s been challenging people for more than 60 years.


But never fear, at Move Move we love a good challenge! During Octeaser we’ll be working on our Teasers in all our classes, on all our equipment with modified versions and more advanced versions. Tailoring moves to you and your body is what we do.


As you work on your Teasers you’ll be challenging your strength, flexibility, control and balance – yes, it’s like a whole Pilates class in one move. It’s that awesome!


Oh & it’s great for toning up those abs too!

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