Pilates Footwork – Move of the Month – Mar-17

Each month at Move Move we set ourselves a Move of the Month Challenge. Throughout the month we focus on mastering that move. Sometimes our Move of the Month is just one move, other times it maybe a series of moves. But our aim is to progress in some way.

Unbelievably we’re already in March, Autumn is officially here (even if it still feels like summer) and before we know it we’ll be enjoying Easter eggs. Hopefully this means that you’re back in the exercise habit and focusing on moving regularly.

This month we’re upping our game in the studio with a Move that you’ll probably be very familiar with if you’ve even done a Reformer Pilates class – Footwork. This is one of those moves that’s often misunderstood and under-appreciated.

You may think of Footwork as just a warm-up or a basic exercise because it’s usually done at the beginning of class. But, it’s so much more:

  • It gives your teacher a great view of how your body is today – yes we’re sneaky like that, while you think you’re warming up, we’re looking at your alignment, position and how you’re moving!
  • It works your entire body – it’s not just about your legs.
  • It’s functional – it reflects movements you do all day every day – walking, standing, even sitting.
  • It works your feet – you know, those things at the end of your legs that you only think about when it’s time for a new pedicure.

We love footwork so much we even do it on the Towers in our Tower Pilates classes.

Pilates Footwork

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