A few months ago I wrote about Moving with Passion. Once you find the thing that moves you to move it’s time to focus on doing it well. Moving well can be the difference between a long-lasting passion and a short-lived affair.

For me, the thing that moves me to move is Pilates. Which makes me lucky because the thing I love to do brings balance by its nature. But what if I’d fallen in love with a one-sided sport like golf or tennis? Or something that is very repetitive like running? Could I just do this and nothing else?

Short-answer is no. The body needs to move in all directions and be challenged in the way it moves. So sometimes, in order to move with passion, you also have to do other things as an enabler for that one thing you love.

Be prepared to invest time in yourself and your body so you can do the thing you love well. 

Invest in your passion – get a coach or join a team (or a Pilates class with a qualified instructor!). But also invest in complementary activities to move your body in different ways. 

Moving Well Together

At Move Move we’re trained to help you figure out imbalances in your body. And then to work with you to fix them. Let’s work together so you can keep doing what you love for years to come.

Pilates Teacher Assisting Client

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